COMPARING TECHNOLOGY: Recordings from an EQ1 and Raspberry Shake Seismographs (JUST RECORDED)

COMPARING TECHNOLOGY:  Recorded in the past hour, shown are two Indonesian earthquakes recorded on an EQ1 and Raspberry Shake seismographs. Both earthquakes had a magnitude M5.9 and occurred with 2 minutes of each other today, 02/02/2019, at 10:59 and 11:01hrs UTC and had depths of 10kms. The images compare two different seismographs – the #EQ1 and the #RaspberryShake.  On both seismograms we easily observe the first arrival (body) waves denoted by the yellow arrows.

A very fascinating wave phase, the PKP wave, was detected at our location in Spring, TX more than 148 polar degrees away.  This wave is unique because it is a wave which has propagated from the epicenter, through the mantle and outer core, and continued travelling back through the mantle towards Texas.  Can you see it? Can you see it on both seismograms?

Overall, a relatively good correlation between both the EQ1 and RS seismographs.  NOTE: the RS seismograph also detected the secondary (body) waves, the “S” waves.  This is not shown, due to scaling issues, on this slide.

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