Struggling Mexico is hit by Two More Large Earthquakes Today

Today, 09/23/2017, two additional large earthquakes occurred in the early morning to shake the already damaged southern Mexico and it’s capitol (Mexico City).  Station E1TX in Spring, TX detected and recorded these earthquakes; the first earthquake (“A”), magnitude 5.7/5.8, happened at 10:33hrs UTC (5:33am CST) and the more powerful second M6.1 earthquake (“B”) at 12:53hrs UTC (7:53am CST).  Read more about the impact of increased damages and losses HERE and HERE.


M5.7 Earthquake Near Ferndale, California

In addition to the earlier magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Mexico, California experienced its own magnitude 5.7 earthquake. It occurred at 19:50hrs UTC at a depth of 15.1km deep.  The event was approximately 27 polar deg (or 1900 miles) away from Station E1TX.  Shown below in one interpretation of the wave forms and their associated arrival times in Spring, TX.


Di-Secting a Seismogram from the 09/22/2017 M5.5 Mexican Earthquake

Station E1TX records many earthquakes with epicenters in/offshore Mexico due to our close proximity.  Most of the seismograms from these events have similar patterns and it is possible to consistently interpret in the same manner.  With this week’s devastating and damaging M7.1 earthquake near Mexico City, we thought it would be useful to compare two  Mexican earthquake events and compare the wave forms (1) observed and (2) arrival times for consistency in our own interpretations.


Yes, I Tried Turning the Power Button On/Off

Good Morning from Spring, TX.  As you have noticed, Station E1TX has not been broadcasting for almost two weeks.  We have been troubleshooting the IT issue for some time, and we are narrowing down the problem.  In the meantime, to watch near real-time seismograms HERE.  click on a station and it will display the seismograph recording at that location.

M8.1 Significant Earthquake in Mexico

While we were sleeping, a very large magnitude 8.1 (Mww) / 7.2 (mb) earthquake hit near Pijijiapan, Mexico.  The event occurred at 04:49 hrs UTC (12:49 pm CST) at a depth of 70kms.  The depth of this event suggests it occurred in a subducting plate of a tectonically complex region —>> READ HERE.

Damage reports are preliminary and are expected to increase in severity, READ MORE HERE.

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Small but Big, Part 2 – Medford, Oklahoma

At 02:26hrs UTC on 09/08/2017 a magnitude 3.9 (mb) earthquake occurred in Medford, OK; the event was recorded here in Spring, TX as a nice image to identify different seismic wave phases.  Stations such as E1TX which are close to the recorded earthquake  generally observe many wave phases very close in temporal space.  Shown is this example from the Medford, OK event (~7 polar degrees away); also shown is one interpretation of seismic waves and their travel times [to as recording station: