24-Hour Comparison of Magnitude 6.0+ Earthquakes

Over a 24-hour time period, from 10-10-2017 04:00hrs UTC  to  11-10-2017 03:00hrs UTC, we compared the independent recordings of seismicity in Spring, TX and Weston, MA.  Texas Educational Seismic Project operates Station E1TX and Boston College’s Educational Seismology Project operates Station WOBC.  Notice (1) how the Chilean earthquake has a much larger amplitude recorded in Texas than in Massachusetts? and (2) the very large M6.7 Bouvet Island earthquake was NOT recorded in Massachusetts, but the surface waves are clearly visible in Texas?


Aftershocks continue to shake Mexico

A moderately strong magnitude 5.6 (mb) earthquake occurred offshore of Mexico overnight.  The event began at 0400hrs UTC (11:00pm CST) and was approximately 22kms deep.  NOTE that it took the first seismic wave 4 minutes to arrive at Spring, TX.  That is consistent with previous Mexican earthquakes – it takes only 4 minutes for E1TX to detect some Mexican earthquakes.

TEACHABLE MOMENT: Why don’t we see ALL earthquakes which occur in MX?


M6.4 Earthquake South of the Fiji Islands

Early this morning, at 04:20hrs UTC (or 11:20 pm CST) a strong magnitude 6.4 (Mww) / 6.3 (mb) earthquake occurred south of the Fiji Islands.  Earthquakes in this area are close to a convergent plate tectonic boundary.  As of 09:48hrs UTC (04:48pm CST), preliminary reports have not issued a Pacific Ocean tsunami threat to Hawaii.


TXESP at Girlstart’s Houston Fall STEM Extravaganza 2017

On Saturday morning, Texas Educational Seismic Project was able to send a geophysicist to Girlstart’s Houston Fall STEM Extravaganza. We had a great time demonstrating a building’s natural resonance frequency with our earthquake shake table. We used the activity to learn more about what is happening in Mexico and what kind of damages are occurring in Mexico City. The kids were able to take a science and engineering concept and relate it to real life happening in the present. There is no better learning method in my opinion. Anytime we bring a concept into children’s lives and show how it impacts them it deepens their knowledge intake. And the geophysicist? She left happy and with cheeks hurting from smiling and having too much fun! Photo below is courtesy of #girlstart, #KristiFinkTXESP

Photo Sep 23, 11 01 25 AM