We are pleased to share these contributing publications with you.  K. Rasmusson Fink has been published in several journals and oral presentations for 20+ years across:  academia, professional science and technology, and now in the educational industries.


A.L. Kafka (Weston Observatory, Boston College), J.J. Pulli (Raytheon BBN Technologies), K.R. Fink (Texas Educational Seismic Project), C. Stapels (MathWorks), K. Cannon (Weston Observatory, Boston College), D. McCasland (Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center), K. McLaughlin (Leidos Dynetics-LInC), R. Block (Snow Star Farm), S.R. McNutt (University of South Florida), J.N. Kafka (, and M.J. Sharkey (Boston College), “That’s the Way the Raspberry Shakes: 2022 Update on the Intriguing Variety of Things We Record with Shakes and Booms”, Eastern Section of Seismological Society of America, Tampa, Florida, 23-25, October, 2022. (Abstract submitted).

Alan L. Kafka (Weston Observatory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College), Jay J. Pulli (Raytheon BBN Technologies), Kristi R. Fink (Texas Educational Seismic Project), Christopher Stapels (MathWorks), Kasey Cannon (Weston Observatory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College), Donald McCasland (Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center), Keith L. McLaughlin (Leidos Dynetics-LInC), Stephen R. McNutt (University of South Florida), Jacob N. Kafka (, Richard Block (Snow Star Farm), and Megan J. Sharkey (Boston College), (2022). “RASPBERRY SHAKES AND BOOMS RECORD THE DARNDEST THINGS – RESEARCH SEISMOLOGISTS, EDUCATORS, AND COMMUNITY SCIENTISTS COLLABORATE TO MONITOR AN INTRIGUING VARIETY OF EARTH-QUAKING EVENTS “, Internet Blog,

Kafka, A.L., Fink, K. R. (2019). “Raspberry Shake, EQ1, & Research-Grade Seismographs: Pros and Cons of Different Types of Seismographs for Education, Citizen Science, & Earthquake Monitoring in New England and Texas“, Eastern Section of Seismological Society of America, Columbus, Ohio, 3-5, November, 2019. (Abstract and Poster Presentation).

Fink, K. R., Kafla, A.L. (2019). “Cultivating Citizen Scientists with Seismic Monitoring in Texas and New England Using an Affordable Seismograph“, National Annual Meeting, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, San Antonio, TX, 15-20, September, 2019. (Abstract and Poster Presentation).

Fink, K. R., Kafka, A.L., A.M. Moulis, and Marilyn Bibeau (2018). “TX-ESP and BC-ESP: A Collaborative Educational Seismology Project in Texas and New England”, National Annual Meeting, American Geophysical Union, Washington D.C., 10-14 December, 2018. (Abstract and Poster Presentation).

Fink, K.R. “Exploring the Earth With Seismology.” The Science Teacher, Volume 84, Number 9, December 2017.

Kafka, A.L., A.M. Moulis, K.R. Fink, and H.E. Chambless (2016). “Can You Show Us the Richter Scale?”: The Challenge of Teaching About Magnitude With Educational Seismographs, Eastern Section Meeting, Seismological Society of America, Reston, VA, 23–26 October 23-26, 2016. (Abstract and Poster Presentation).

Alberty, M. and K. Fink, “Using Connection and Total Gases Quantitatively in the Assessment of Shale Pore Pressure.” Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE 166188, October 2013.

Professional Presentation at American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Convention, 2010.

Rasmusson, K. N.  “Probabilistic Analysis of Social and Economic Losses Due to Large Earthquakes in New England.” Master’s Thesis, Weston Observatory, Boston College, 2003.

Kafka and Rasmusson,  “Using the AS-1 Seismograph for Laboratory Exercises in an Introductory Geophysics Course: Turning Seismic Moments into Teaching Moments.”  Seismological Research Letters, Vol. 74, No. 5, October 2003.

Oral Presentation at Eastern Section Seismological Society of America, Annual Conference (Seismological Research Letters), 2002.

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