Watch the MARTIAN GROUND move! First glimpse of MARS’ seismic data

SEE it BELOW (on this page) !  LISTEN to recorded “marsquakes”, surface winds and the MARS InSight Lander Machine!  

NASA’s InSight Mission

IRIS is an Educational Partner on the InSight Mission, with the goal of engaging students with seismic data from Mars. As the data is released, classrooms will be able to stream Martian seismic data using IRIS tools, allowing students to watch for marsquakes and meteorite impacts with us!  Learn more about the mission on NASA’s InSight page.

First Martian Data Release

InSight Release 1a, including raw seismic data from November 26, 2018 – February 28, 2019, was released on May 24, 2019 at 12 PDT! It is important to remember this is a first release of uncalibrated data. There are no marsquakes or meteorite impacts thought to be recorded in these first three months.

Mars Seismic Data Recorded During February, 2019

Network “XB”, Station “ELYSE”, Channel “BHU” 

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Want more information?  CLICK HERE for Station E1TX on the IRIS network.

TX-ESP is a member of the IRIS seismic network.


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