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Ho, Ho, Ho in North America

There have been many significant #earthquakes in North America this month. IRIS Station #E1TX and Raspberry Shake Station #R5DDF have recorded events in California, Mexico and Alaska. Images shown below, some filters have been applied. Shown first is a magnitude M4.8 earthquake on 12/19/2021… Continue Reading “Ho, Ho, Ho in North America”

Deep, Powerful Earthquake Rocks Chile

On Sunday, 11/28/2021 at 10:52hrs UTC, a MAJOR magnitude M7.5 earthquake occurred near Barranca, Peru. The hypocenter was very deep at ~112km. The wide-felt, strong shaking caused damages and injuries and are still being reported as of Monday, 11/2/2021. The event was recorded here… Continue Reading “Deep, Powerful Earthquake Rocks Chile”

What is that wiggle?

Did you know that seismographs can detect many “things” in/on/around our world? Beyond earthquakes and landslides, seismographs can provide data and information about how people move within populations, trains, hurricanes, helicopters and even meteors. Read our Abstract HERE —> Learn MORE at the Eastern… Continue Reading “What is that wiggle?”

Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit

The annual Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit, hosted by Texas Girls Collaborative Project (, will be held on the UT Austin campus on December 10, 2021 from 9:00a – 3:00p. Join TXGCP for their 5th annual summit designed to share best practices,… Continue Reading “Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit”

Major Earthquake Rocks Alaska, Tsunami Warning Issued

On July 29, 2021 a major earthquake occurred offshore Alaska. The massive quake was recorded in Spring, TX, at IRIS Station E1TX (shown first) on an EQ1 seismograph. The event was also recorded on a Raspberry Shake (Station R5DDF) co-located in Spring, TX; filtered… Continue Reading “Major Earthquake Rocks Alaska, Tsunami Warning Issued”

M6.6 Earthquake in indonesia

A LARGE magnitude M6.6 earthquake happened overnight at 06:33hrs UTC. The epicenter was offshore, but had a shallow depth of 10km and was felt on land. Small chance of liquefaction from the shaking. The event was so strong, it was detected here in Spring,… Continue Reading “M6.6 Earthquake in indonesia”

Offshore El Salvador

Offshore #ElSalvador experienced a magnitude M5.9 #earthquake today at 08:45hrs UTC. The event was detected by two seismometers here in #Spring, TX by #irisstation #E1TX and #raspberryshake station R5DDF. A comparison of the two seismograms is shown below; a bandpass filter of 0.2 to… Continue Reading “Offshore El Salvador”

Comparing Seismograph Technology: NICARAGUA

COMPARING TECHNOLOGY – NICARAGUA – 01/24/2020 at 21:59 UTC (3:59 pm CST) a preliminary magnitude M5.3 earthquake shook the Central American country and was recorded here in Spring, TX. Shown are comparisons of seismograms and spectrograms (frequency plots) from EQ1 and Raspberry Shake seismographs… Continue Reading “Comparing Seismograph Technology: NICARAGUA”

Small Moves Ellie, Small Moves

“Small moves Ellie, small moves.” is more than a famous quote from the motion picture ‘Contact’, it is also an important mantra for many Scientists.  In geophysics, a small increase/decrease in the value of a measurement may easily influence an interpretation…. or “miss”- interpretation. … Continue Reading “Small Moves Ellie, Small Moves”

A Christmas Ring of Fire

On this Christmas Eve, the Pacific Plate’s “Ring of Fire” is very active.  In the past 24 hours, several earthquakes with magnitudes M>5.5 have occurred around the Pacific Rim in: Canada, Guatemala, Argentina and Columbia.  These events have all been detected in Spring, TX… Continue Reading “A Christmas Ring of Fire”