What you cannot see is important too!

shown are the screen shots from E1TX from yesterday and today.  E1TX did NOT record the Mulaca Sea 6.2 Mb event, nor did we record the shallower, but same 6.2 Mb event offshore Chile.  Interesting.



Kids will drive you nuts! (or at least your seismometer)

TX-ESP had tiny visitors who made the earth shake at our station (E1TX).  Thank you to Piper, Cassie, Nell and Lilly.


Location, location, location


We moved the seismometer to an assumed more ” stable” location = into the garage.  Here is todays data which is looking promising

Start Up of the EQ-1

here at TX-ESP “headquarters”, we have finally setup and calibrated our own vertical seismometer.  Note that the amplitudes peaks/troughs are calibration of the instrument.2015_02_15

What do you see?

An eye-catching presentation of global earthquakes.


Shaking and Damage Intensity Maps

Recent DFW Earthquakes – M3.1 – 4km NE of Irving, Texas

image courtesey of Weston Observatory