Another Big One

May 7, 2017 Solomon Islands
Magnitude 7.2, Depth 22km
Recorded at E1TX


Who needs 3D?

Watchng a 7.5 earthquake in real-time shake the Earth in Papua New Guinea –> seismogram is a record from the EQ1 seismometer here in Houston at station E1TX


Volcano and Two Major Earthquakes in 24 hours

E1TX recorded ground motion a 6.2 magnitude earthquake at Queen Charllotte Islands.  Later, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred close to Kathmandu, Nepal


M5.8 – 100km NE of Hihifo, Tonga (2015-04-07 00:46:18 (UTC):

E1TX only recorded the Pwave, no surface or shear waves.  Interestingly, BCESP did not record the P wave but DID record the surface waves…. Can you hypothesize why?


Watch the Earth Move in Houston!

Home station for TX-ESP is near downtown Houston.  The station code is E1TX.  Today’s latest movements are seen below