Continued Strong Aftershocks in Chile M>6.0

Continued Strong Aftershocks in Chile M>6.0

This morning, 9-21-15, at 0539 and 0550 hrs CTU, two aftershocks occurred.

At 0539: M6.3, Depth 23km

At 0550: M4.7, Depth 10km

 21092015_0539Chile_63_scrnshot 21092015_0539Chile_63_extract21092015_0539Chile_63_basemap

Aftershocks in Chile have Magnitudes > 6.l

Aftershocks in Chile have Magnitudes > 6.0 .  On 9-17-2015 at 0355 hrs GMT, an aftershock with a M6.5, Depth 35km was recorded at E1TX in Spring, Texas.  A second and many times larger aftershock, also was recorded minutes later on 09-17-2015 at 0410 hrs GMT, M6.7, Depth 30km. Please CLICK on the attached images of the seismogram screenshot, the basemap of the epicenters, and the extracted seismic waves from both events.  The social impact is discussed on and




Chilean Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Warnings

Chilean Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Warnings

Today, 09-16-15 at 2254hrs GMT, a Magnitude 8.3, Depth 25km occurred in Central Chile.  Please CLICK on the attached image(s) of this rare event and devastating natural disaster:

“Big or Small” –>Oklahoma is on the Move!

“Big or Small” –>Oklahoma is on the Move! —> 

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake, depth 7km, was recorded at E1-TX on 09-16-2015 at 0448 hrs GMT

CLICK on the link to see the seismometer screenshot, the location basemap and the seismic extraction of the event.




A BIG one! Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake in the Gulf of California

A BIG one! See the map of the location, the actual recording, and the extracted data before/during/after the main shock.

Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake, Depth 10km at 0814 GMT

Gulf of California

13092015_0814_GulfCA 13092015_0814_GulfCA_map 13092015_0814_GulfCA_extract

September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015

A few “small-ish” earthquakes observed at E1TX. In order of occurrence:

09/12/2015 at 1122 hrs, Nicaragua, Magnitude 4.5 and Depth 4km


09/12/2015 at 1825hrs, Offshore Chile, Magnitude 4.8 and Depth 18km


Magnitude 5.3, South Sandwich Islands

September 09, 2015 at 0235 hrs (GMT)

Magnitude 5.3, Depth 10 km, South Sandwich Islands