Chile Never Stops Moving

Chile Never Stops Moving

Located where two tectonic plates are converging, there is a high probability you would (will?) experience an earthquake while in Chile. Here’s just one of today’s ground motions:

October 28, 2015 at 09:08 hrs UTC, 4.7 Magnitude, 26 km Depth

28102015_0904_Chile48_scrcht 28102015_0904_Chile48_extract

What is this?

What is this? There are many recordings at E1TX which I cannot associate with: global seismicity*, known time frames of local construction, news reporting of local earthquakes.  Look at this example – the extracted waves look similar to S waves, could they be S waves?  There was NO global earthquake with a magnitude > 4.0* during the extracted time period.  Things which make me THINK!

*from global monitoring site

24102015_0700to0800_schrshot24102015_0700to0800_unfiltExtract  24102015_0700to0800_Extract

Devastating 7.5 Earthquake in Afghanistan This Morning

Devastating 7.5 Earthquake in Afghanistan This Morning, October 26 at 09:09 UTC

While the West was sleeping, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, depth 212 km, occurred this morning in the Hindu-Kush Region in Afghanistan.  Although local flooding has obscured the visibility of this earthquake on the EQ-1, the extracted seismogram is clearly evident.  See below for the screenshot, basemap of the epicenter and the extracted recorded ground motion.

TX-ESP is concerned for the Afghan people as we watch the current news reporting.

26102015_0909_Afghan75_basemap 26102015_0909_Afghan75_scrcht 26102015_0909_Afghan75_extract

Dynamite Blasting?

TX-ESP is getting new neighbors, a new SUPER Highway and more according to the seismometer.  Take a look at the screenshot and extraction of recorded ground motion at the start of the Oct 24-25 weekend.  On the screenshot, note the recorded waves ABOVE the red lines – this ground motion is due to explosives being used to clear land for the new homes.  The quick explosions were audible at E1TX.  Good to see that the un-sophisticated EQ-1 instrument is working properly.

23102015_TNTblasts_extract 23102015_TNTblasts_schrsht

Hurricane Patricia Crosses South Texas

Hurricane Patricia Crosses South Texas

As Hurricane Patricia moves Wet to East across South Texas, you can observe (1) the increase in amplitude, and (2) the slow time drift in the EQ-1 seismometer.  The time drift is annotated on the screenshot with 2 red circles – one on the screenshot and the other on the computer’s internal clock**.  The times should match; however, the seismogram recorded data has an apparent arrival approximately 1 hour later than the actual time (shown on the bottom right). The extracted seismogram is the ground motion record from 1200 to 1300 hrs UTC.

**E1TX internal computer is set to display time in UTC.

In Spring, north of Houston, we are experiencing moderate flooding at 1602 hrs UTC.


Landfall of Hurricane Patricia

Landfall of Hurricane Patricia was estimated to occur sometime between 0600 and 0800 hrs CST (1100 to 1300 hrs UTC) near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Below, the ground movement associated with the world’s largest hurricane ever was/is recorded(ing).  At this time, 11:25 hrs CST, the Low Pressure front has NOT hit the greater Houston area.

24102015_1105to1305_PatriciaLandfall_inMX_scrcht 24102015_1105to1305_PatriciaLandfall_inMX_Extract

A 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Wasn’t Recorded

A 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Wasn’t Recorded at E1TX on October 20, 2015 21:52 UTC.  

The depth was 127km at the epicenter in the Vanuatu Islands.  Why didn’t the LARGE earthquake record on the EQ-1 seismometer?  Was the earthquake too deep?  Is Houston in the P, S waves “shadow zone” ?  What you do not see is just as important to the story as what you do record.

Below is the screenshot of EQ-1 seismometer and extracted waves recorded during the time period from 21:25 to 22:25 hrs CST.  On the screenshot, note the waves recorded above the red lines.  This ground motion is due to local highway construction.  The RED arrow indicate the official time of the event.

20102015_2125to2225_scrchot 20102015_2125to2225_Extract