M6.6 Earthquake in Argentina

M6.6 Earthquake in Argentina last night – it was approximately 116kms deep.


Welcome to TXESP!

Today’s launch of the school’s new educational seiemometer…. The students were able to make their own earthquakes BY EXHALING their breath immediately above the pendulum. The moving air created a small force which the sensitive instrument was able to detect….WOW! We look forward to activities and lessons planned this year at Northgate Crossing Elementary School 🙂

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Mb 5.9 in Indonesia

A magnitude (mb) 5.9 occurred this morning in Indonesia.  It’s amazing that E1TX recorded the event because the polar distance to the epicenter was 140+ degrees.


LISTEN to the New Zealand and Argentinian Earthquake

LISTEN to the New Zealand M7.8 earthquake and it’s aftershocks, towards the end you will also hear the Argentinian earthquake.  Here is information you need to know about how to relate the audio files back to the time in the seismogram: 3600x means that each second of listening corresponds to 1 hour of Earth time; 1800x means 1 sec = 30 minutes; 900x means 1 sec = 15 minutes.**



**Audio processing courtesy of JT Bullitt

A Comparison of Seismograms from the M7.8 New Zealand Major Earthquake

A comparison of seismograms from the M7.8 New Zealand major earthquake – shown are Stations E1TX (Spring, TX) and WOBC (Weston, MA).  This joint collaboration demonstrates the differences in geology across the U.S., and also yields questions if both stations were using the same calibration equation.  We do know that both sites use the educational EQ-1 Seismometer.


M7.8 Shakes New Zealand

A M7.8 earthquake and it’s post-quake after shocks are still shaking New Zealand.  A tsunami warning was issued for neighboring islands where waves were anticipated to be ~2m high.  Reports have not yet indicated damages or losses from this major earthquake.


The Beginning of The End

The Beginning of The End (for this academic year) is near.  This week, TXESP began learning how the National Science Foundation Grants system works, it’s structure and design, developing a writing strategy, and completed writing for the first two required elements of the solicitation (grant application).  We are making slow progress, but progress by steps.  This journey will be a HUGE learning curve and we are up to the challenge! Wish us luck and clarity!