Location, Location, NEW Location

Location, Location, NEW Location

E1TX has been manually set up and connected to TX-ESP’s local server.  We will be updating software and calibrating the instrument the next few days.  Exciting times for Earth’s selfies**

**assuming no one is hurt nor safety is compromised within life critical structures


Teachable Moments

Incorporated Research Institutions For Seismology is a dynamic educational reference for Professionals, students, and the public.  This strong, recent earthquake in Indonesia is a great place to start!

Teachable Moment – July 27, 2015

A Brief Hiatus

TX-ESP is taking a short hiatus during June and July.  We will continue to share intriguing and fun seismology items during the interim.

Major Flooding – Almost as Bad as Hurrican Ike – Covers Houston

The storms and ground water flow movement are captured at E1TX near downtown Houston, TX


Watching the Earth Move in Real Time

Good Morning!

10252015_snapshot2 10252015_snapshot

Back-to-Back 6+ Earthquakes in The Solomon Islands, Again.

22 May 2015, Solomon Islands 21:45 and 23:5922May2015_SolomIsl

Magnitude 6.8, Depth 10km,  Magnitude  6.8, Depth 10km

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday, 20 May 2015  22:48 to 23:19 and ….

Santa Cruze Islands


Which Quake is Which?

19 May, 2015

11:10 GMT, PNG, Magnitude 4.7, Depth 35 km

Alaskan Peninsula, 11:58 GMT, Magnitude 4.2, Depth 198 km

19May2015_1130b 19May2015_1130

Busy Tuesday

May 19, 2015 13:54 GMT, Vanuatu Islands

Magnitude 5.8, Depth 50km

19May2015_1354_vanuatu 19May2015_1354_vanuatu2

Strong Aftershocks Rock Nepal

May 12, 2015 in Nepal

Magnitude 7.3, Depth 15km


Mexico joins the club of May’s earthquake swarm

May 10, 2015, 0050 hrs, Mexico

Magnitude 5.6 , Depth 7km


Not everything is bigger in Texas?

May 7, 2015 22:58 (GMT)

Magnitude 4.0, Depth 3km

DFW Earthquake recorded in Houston at E1TX:

07May2015TX 5_7_2015_2250