March Math-ness marathon …. Dallas, TX – win $50!

If anything takes you to Dallas this March, make sure you participate in… The March MATHness Challenge:

This March marks the beginning of a great new way to engage children in grades 4-8 with math and STEM embedded in the environment around them – with a chance for them to win $50 every week as well!  The Challenge is open to children, school-based and out of school K-12 educators, parents and families. We’ve created a collection of over a hundred multi-media math walk stops across Dallas for children to explore and learn from, developed by us at the talkSTEM nonprofit alongside SMU, under the walkSTEM and MathFinder initiatives – with support from the National Science Foundation as well as several Dallas-based grant-giving organizations. Children and educators alike can download the free Otocast app to start visiting stops in 15 participating locations across Dallas and start earning raffle entries, whether independently or in teams with other classmates. For more information about this free opportunity, along with testimonials from teachers and other educators, come on over to

You can go on these math and STEM walks anytime you are in Dallas – even after the Challenge is over if you’d like to have the experience.  It’s all free, self-guided, and fun.  No need to book or coordinate anything!

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