Listen and Learn

This week I had the honor to participate as a Judge for the 2023 SCI://TECH Science Fair — Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, Junior High. This annual competition is organized by the Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EFTA). This year’s focus was to 1. encourage and empower student participants to learn the Scientific Method, and 2. build self-confidence in their presentation skills. Listening and having an engaging dialogue was my top priority – I heard about very interesting investigations – see pics for a sample of the projects I had the pleasure to evaluate. Students’ images and names have been purposefully removed to protect privacy. WHAT A GRAND DAY!

Education for Tomorrow Alliance engages the business community with local private and public schools, offering 13 science, technology, engineering, and math competitions and events. Run as a partnership of EFTA volunteers and local educators, the SCI://TECH Exposition includes one of the largest regional science fairs in the nation reaching thousands of students each year and qualifying students to compete in the Science & Engineering Fair of Houston, as well as state and international competitions. 

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