The “quiet” Pacific Northwest

OFFSHORE OREGON – yesterday, Jan 11, 2023 at 10:17 UTC, a magnitude M5.0 earthquake occurred offshore Oregon. No felt shaking has been reported yet. The hypocenter was shallow at 10 km depth. Observations at RS Station R5DDF in Spring, TX that the event was not detected – with confidence. See the extracted seismogram below – a 0.2 to 0.8 Hz BP filter has been applied.

THE DATA APPEARS TO BE “MISSING” ….WHY IS THIS INTERESTING? So glad you asked 😉 Scientific theories are built on (1) what we think we know, (2) what we don’t know and (3) how much we don’t know that which we don’t know 😆 In other words, we can make reasonable deductions and inferences about the Earth when we **don’t** detect earthquakes – they enable us to ask the “WHY?” questions…. why weren’t the seismic waves detected at my location? why is the Earth filtering out the signal? why wasn’t shaking felt onshore? And many more inquiries – I believe that it is far more fascinating to ask the “WHY?” questions when data is “missing” (is it really missing?).

Understanding boundary conditions in a scientific inquiry is just as important as discovering the obvious phenomena.

#whereismywiggle, #whatsthatwiggle

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