What is that wiggle?

Did you know that seismographs can detect many “things” in/on/around our world? Beyond earthquakes and landslides, seismographs can provide data and information about how people move within populations, trains, hurricanes, helicopters and even meteors. Read our Abstract HERE —>

Learn MORE at the Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America’s session from the co-authors at the annual meeting. This is a collaboration of work from: A. L. Kafka (Weston Observatory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College), J. J. Pulli (Raytheon BBN Technologies), K. R. Fink (Texas Educational Seismic Project), C. Stapels (MathWorks), K. Cannon (Weston Observatory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College), D. McCasland (Blue Hill Observatory Science Center), K. L. McLaughlin (Leidos Dynetics-LInC), J. N. Kafka (WeirdHat.com), R. Block (Snow Star Farm), and M. Sharkey (Boston College).

Previously planned for Atlanta, ES-SSA will be fully virtual and open to all. While ES-SSA focuses primarily on advancing earthquake science in Central and Eastern North America and intraplate seismology, we also welcome contributions from other aspects of earthquake and seismological studies.

Follow this LINK to view our POSTER.

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