Help bring six new seismographs to Houston-area schools >>> go fund me!

Screenshot of the helicorder detecing ground motion beneath Spring, TX.

This year, Texas Educational Seismic Project (TXESP) is campaigning to raise funds to purchase (6) Raspberry Shake seismographs to be placed in Houston-area schools.

The Raspberry Shake seismograph is a scientific instrument which detects and records ground motion such as: earthquakes! erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, slamming doors, children jumping on the floor…. and the list goes on and on.   “Seismographs in Schools” is a project which brings exciting, hands-on, dynamic and REAL TIME data into the classroom.  K-12 students learn concepts spanning all STEM disciplines as it is actually practised in the real world.

For more information about how TXESP uses seismographs to accomplish learning goals, please visit us at, on Twitter @KristiFinkTXESP, or on Facebook


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