Tracking Hurricane Dorian (Aug 30 to Sept 2)

Hurricane Dorian and an Earthquake UPDATE #9 – 09/03/2019 at 00:00hrs UTC – captured on the #seismograph in #NewHope, SC… a #magnitude 5.9 #earthquake occured in the North Atlantic Ocean. #Dorian continues moving northward 1 mph heading up the FL coastline – compare the seismograph images from Aug 30 to Sept 2!  The increase in “noise” is the recording of increased ground motion caused by the increasing wave height and frequency pounding the shoreline.  

Tracking a Hurricane Using a Seismograph in New Hope, South Carolina

Tracking a Hurricane Using a Seismograph in the Disney Wilderness Preserve, Orlando, Florida

**Current** Radar Map of Hurricane Dorian, courtesy of The Weather Channel


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