See MARS’ quake! Preliminary data from NASA’s InSight Mars’ mission…

First set of raw, very preliminary SEISMIC DATA FROM MARS! Data displayed using jAmaSeis software, amplitude = 500 and filter = 10Hz.  Want to see it yourself?  We have it loaded on TXESP’s website right now for the next few days —>>> 
ICYMI… Insight has detected its first MARSQUAKE!!!  Can you imagine recording how the Martian ground moved?!?! We cannot call the event an “earthquake”….we name this event a “marsquake”.  The ground motion was first detected on April 6th, 2019, see press release below….
Here is the only data I have been able to upload in jAmaSeis by accessing IRIS’ DMC – 10Hz channels BHU/BHW/BHV for Feb 9th, 2019, thus far – isn’t this amazing??!  This is MARS!
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