Regional Boy Scouts of America Convention, 2019

I can build a structure with candy? Sign me up! LOL!  TXESP hosted an “activity” booth at the 2019 (Houston Area) Regional Boy Scouts of America Convention at Houston’s NRG Arena.  Want to see time fly?  Ask kids and their parents to enter a competition where you create a sturdy and stable structure, using toothpicks and one choice of candy, to withstand shaking from an ‘earthquake’.  TXESP’s shakeboard tried to slide, tilt or crumble the innovative earthquake ‘resistant’ structures in the competition.  We used gummy bears, miniature marshmallows, and jelly beans to hold the toothpicks together – it was sticky but SO MUCH fun!  The goal of the hands-on activity is to understand what structural characteristics yielded the most stable “building” during the earthquake.  Competitors had to consider what basic shapes bring stability, and they learned which materials were best for strength, rigidity, flexibility and shock absorbance.  It is the combination of both concepts which yielded winners in the competitions – take a look at those winning structures (and how they were built) !

Please consider giving to “Cultivating Citizen Scientists” program; we purchase educational seismic instruments, mineral specimens, and provide onsite curriculum development with our Professional Scientists and Science Education team members.  Each donation is tax-deductible as TXESP is a 501-c3 Non Profit, designated Public Charity.

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