The Ocean Floor is Shaking!

This morning, November 11, 2018 at 14:03hrs UTC (08:03 am CST) a very large magnitude M6.3 #earthquake occurred in the #NorthernAtlanticOcean.  Just North of South America, this event surprisingly had a shallow 10kms focal depth.  The #epicenter was more than 100km from any shore, assuring citizens of almost no shaking and no #tsunami.  This large earthquake follows the very large M6.8 earthquake in the #GreenlandSea on Nov 8, 2018. Generally, the North Atlantic Plate is a #spreadingcenter where new tectonic plate is created by deep sea volcanoes.

Shown is a comparison of #seismograms recorded on #RaspberryShakes across the #CentralAndEasternUS.


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