As Scientists, inquiry pushes us forward in our daily work.  Inquiry challenges our assumptions and re-shapes our research scope.  The creed scientists stand by: it’s not about finding the right or wrong answer, it’s about asking a better question.

The image below illustrates this principle beautifully.  Scientific research includes making observation, taking measurements, interpretation and analysis.  But what if you derive a conclusion which demonstrates no correlation? no new observations?  What value does research contribute in the absence of data to analyze? 

This is why Science shines so brightly and brings it’s practitioners much joy.  You see, the absence of data, which was expected, is just as valuable as observations of present data.  Stated in seismological terms, the ground motion data the instruments detect and record is just as fascinating as  the data we do not detect.  WHY !!?!

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines occurred on November 4th, 2018 at 07:55hrs UTC.  It had an ultra-deep focal depth of ~600kms below Earth’s surface.


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