3 Earthquakes and 1 (small) Tsunami

Over the past 24 hours, 3 moderate-to-major earthquakes and 1 tsunami occurred.  Station E1TX was able to detect 2 of 3 earthquakes, ironically the closest event was the one not recorded!  Shown below is a current screen capture from the EQ1 seismograph TXESP operates.

  1. A strong M6.4 earthquake in the Northern Mariana Islands at 08/28/2018, 22:35 hrs UTC and 60kms deep (detected)
  2. A small M4.4 earthquake in La Verne, CA  at 08/29/2018, 02:33 hrs UTC and 5kms deep.  This California earthquake may have a small magnitude, but it was lightly felt across most of Los Angeles (NOT detected)
  3. A MAJOR M7.1 earthquake in New Caledonia at 08/29/2018, 03:51hrs UTC and 27kms deep. (detected)This event **did** generate a very small 1 ft tsunami in the South Eastern Pacific Ocean.

New Mariana Islands, 08/28/2018 at 22:35 hrs UTC, M6.4

24 hour summary of global Seismicity recorded at Station E1TX
Extracted seismogram of the M6.4 N. Mariana Islands earthquake.
Map of the epicenter of the N. Mariana Islands’ earthquake.


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