Watching the Earth Move From Costa Rica to Massachusetts

Today, shown is a comparison of three seismograms from a powerful #earthquake which shook Costa Rica….TXESP watched the #teleseismic waves #propagate across TX live.

The Mw6.0 earthquake epicenter is near Golfito, Costa Rica; the event began at 23:22hrs UTC with a depth of ~19kms. At this time, no tsunami alert has been issued. It’s too early for damage and injury reports, but TXESP will continue to monitor the section which is known for landslides.

Continuing with our research efforts to understand the heterogeneity in the Earth, we compare three Raspberry Shake seismograms of this event.  Note the change in amplitude and wave phases as the teleseismic waves move from Costa Rica, through TX and VA, and finally to MA.  What do you observe?

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**Seismograms graciously provided by TXESP, J. Pulli, and A. Kafka




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