Comparison of the M6.0 in Russia

July 06, 2018, a large magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred near Ozernovskiy, Russia at 01:40hrs UTC and had a focal depth of 79.8kms.  This region is known as “The Ring of Fire”; earthquakes are highly probable within this defined perimeter.  Shown is a comparison of two seismograms recorded at Station E1TX from TXESP’s EQ1 Seismograph and the Raspberry Shake Seismometer: the top image (in red) is a from an EQ1 Seismograph with a 10s filter, the image below (in blue) was recorded on the Raspberry Shake Seismograph with a bandwidth filter from 5.0 to 13 Hz.  Note that the EQ1 seismogram, set to record long-period waves, recorded the body waves while the RS seismogram, set to record shorter period events, is “missing” a few wave forms.  This event was approximately 76 pol deg away.  A map of the epicenter and the screenshot from the EQ1 are also shown.






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