Faith, Love and SCIENCE!

During the week of June 11, 2018, TXESP had the honor of leading the Elementary Science Rotation for Vacation Bible School (VBS) at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.  More than 300 volunteers and dozens of Children’s Ministry staff planned each minute of fun – for 4 days! –  for preschool and early primary education children.  Part of TXESP’s Vision is to serve the community by promoting scientific inquiry and knowledge.  Watching the site of giving and sharing only reminded us that our mission to share scientific knowledge with the public is a great gift to give. Given the broad overlap and integration of Christianity and Science, serving the Church was an opportunity TXESP is humbled to have participated within. With 25 minute sessions, we daily rotated upwards of 500+ children thru the Science Lab.  The science experiments covered the following STEM focus areas of physics, geology, geophysics, chemistry, technology and geohazard engineering.  Video footage from all of the VBS activities can be found at the link below.


Thank you to The Woodlands United Methodist Church for inviting and giving  TXESP the autonomy to write the Science curriculum, purchase supplies, plan the operations, and execute a FANTTASTIC Science Lab for VBS!  Simply amazing week!

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