DYFI in Santa Cruz, CA?

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

SANTA CRUZ, CA:  TXESP just recorded a magnitude 5.3 earthquake in highly populated Santa Cruz, CA.  The event had an epicentral distance of ~ 20 pol deg and a focal depth of 9.9kms.  It occurred within the past few hours at 19:29hrs UTC or 12:29 pm PST.

Below: Shown are the two seismograms recorded at Station E1TX in Spring, TX.  The first image is the recording from the EQ-1 seismometer, the last seismogram is the recording from the Raspberry Shake.  We were surprised to record this earthquake as the hot subsurface dissipates seismic waves btwn CA and Texas.  The last image is the range in frequencies recorded by the Raspberry Shake Seismometer.

A M5.3 earthquake occurred today at 19:29hrs UTC near Santa Cruz Island, CA.
Seismogram recorded at E1TX – EQ-1 Seismograph
Seismogram recorded at E1TX – Raspberry Shake Seismometer (0.6Hz LP Filter)
Frequencies recorded by the Raspberry Shake of the 04/05/2018 19:29hrs UTC Santa Cruz, CA earthquake. NOTE the predominance of low frequencies.





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