Comparing Technology, Part 5: Different Seismograms

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

Station E1TX has two seismographs – an EQ-1 Educational Vertical Seismograph (sold by Ward’s) – and a less expensive, “plug-and-play” Raspberry Shake. While it may be assumed that the RS is not as technologically advance as the EQ-1, we have observed on the RS the Magnitude 5.9 earthquake detected mid-range frequencies with greater amplitudes than it’s counterpart (the EQ-1).  This event occurred on 04/02/2018 at 23:23hrs UTC.  We are uncertain interpreting the RS while the EQ-1 seismogram had arrival times as expected.

Below: Shown is a comparison of the EQ-1 and Raspberry Shake seismograms. Very intriguing!  To note, the epicentral distance is 18 pol deg and the focal depth is 50kms.




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