Shaking Oklahoma, Double Trouble

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

Although the two earthquakes had small magnitudes of M4.2, these shaking events were significant and felt over a broad area.  It occurred on 04March2018 at 23:17hrs UTC AND HOURS LATER AT 03:41hrs UTC.  Both events were approximately 6 polar degrees away from Station E1TX in Spring, TX.

Preliminary damage reports and local information may be found here –>>  Station E1TX detected almost all of the wave phases from these very shallow events (1.9km and 5 kms); Multiple P waves, the Shear wave, and Rayleigh/Love waves appear on the seismogram below.




M4.2 earthquake on 04Mar2018 at 23:17hrs UTC (Event A)


Map of he epicenters of both events

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