Local Commuters: A Cumulative “Picture” Roll of Seismograms

WATCH the Earth move LIVE


With the acquisition of a new Raspberry Shake, TXESP has additional unlocked opportunities to observe and evaluate local seismic waves.  TXESP’s raspberry shake station, AM.RAD87.SHZ or IP address, recorded interesting seismic patterns during the Monday morning commute.  We are located near a major Big Oil company with 1000+ commuters passing nearby every work day.  TXESP observed the seismogram(s) during the peak commuter time from 12:00-15:00hrs UTC (06:00-09:00am CST).

Solid science makes observations, writes deliberate and informative notes, and pose hypotheses from possible patterns of their study.  We followed this method for two-month, from 01/22/2018 until 03/02/2018.  Here, we present the seismograms from commuter traffic near Station E1TX on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. We will analyze the data collected during this quick-investigation of high frequency noise near our Station E1TX; we hope to see a least one pattern emerge, such as “the busiest traffic at the nearby work site occurs at this time.”

NOTE: The times noted are UTC, each horizontal line represents 15 minutes of time and the color helps the user differentiate each line of recording from the one above/below. No filter has been applied.

What inquiries would you have observing these data recordings? 

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