Comparing Seismograms 2: the EQ1 and Raspberry Shake

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

A very significant and large sized earthquake occurred near Don Luis, MX the week of 17June, 2018.  Mexico is not a stranger to ground shaking – over a dozen aftershock earthquakes have been detected and felt by residents.  Fortunately, most earthquakes are offshore – limiting damages.  However, today, 19Feb2018 and 06:57hrs UTC, a moderately strong aftershock earthquake occurred with a magnitude 5.9 (Mww) and was ~40kms  deep.

Two different seismographs are operated at E1TX – the EQ1 Vertical Educational Seismograph and the newer, trending technological Raspberry Shake.  Note the similarities in both seismograms.  The lesser expensive Raspberry Shake could allow more citizen scientists to participate in global research.


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