Congratulations to Haslet Elementary

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

Earlier this week, TXESP had the honor of participating in the first STEM Fair at Haslet Elementary School in Haslet, TX (north of Ft. Worth).  This energetic school and its devoted parents organized and participated in a truly remarkable night!  I believe that this STEM Fair was the most fun and most inquisitive bunch of kiddos (and their parents!) we have worked with to date.  A fantastic event and TXESP is very honored to have participated in this wonderful evening of knowledge sharing.  The slideshow, below, are a few pictures I was able to snap before the excitement came flooding into the classrooms.  Thank you Haslet Elementary – we had an amazing time teaching and learning from your students.

The activities TXESP brought to the STEM Fair included: (1) demonstrating how different seismic waves move the rocks inside the Earth, (2) the basic functions and instrument simplicity of the EQ1 Educational Seismograph, and (3) basic geohazard engineering concepts with the Shake Board – an intriguing opportunity to duplicate the damages in the Taiwanese M6.4 earthquake earlier that day to a hands-on investigation of buildings’ characteristics. Students were also able to “create their own earthquakes” by learning to jump together and generate a small bit of ground movement.  For more information, you may reach out to these resources:

Haslet on Twitter:

Haslet Elementary PTA:

Haslet Elementary School:

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One Comment on “Congratulations to Haslet Elementary

  1. Thank you so much for driving up to Haslet and doing this for our students!!! They had a blast!


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