TEACHABLE MOMENT: are these the “same” images?

WATCH the Earth move LIVE

Last night, 14Jan2018, a LARGE magnitude 7.2 Peruvian earthquake was forefront in the shaking.  The event occurred at  09:18hrs UTC (03:18 am CST) and had a focal depth of ~36km deep.  No tsunami warning was issued. Three Raspberry Shake stations: RAD87 in Spring, TX, RAC22 in Oakton, VA and R0EF8 in Boston, MA, recorded this large seismic event.  Below is a comparison of these three stations*.  Why do they appear slightly different?

1401018_0918_extract_PeruCOMPARErshakes* Data provided by K.Fink, J. Pulli and A. Kafka, image courtesy of A. Kafka

In the coming months, we plan to bring forth a new inquiry-based investigation to compare and quantify the differences we observed between the Raspberry Shakes recorded images and the same events observed on an EQ-1 educational seismograph.  Below is a sample of the SAME M7.2 Peruvian earthquake recorded on a Raspberry Shake (top) and at an nearby EQ-1 educational seismograph (bottom)**

1401018_0918_extract_PeruCOMPAREeq1toRS**Data and images courtesy of A. Kafka






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